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Bulkley Valley Community Asset Maps > Knowledge & Tool Building > Valley Vision

Valley Vision | towards a comprehensive vision for the future of the Bulkley Valley

Bulkley Valley Community Asset Maps

The Bulkley Valley Stewardship Coalition is mapping information on local environmental, aesthetic, cultural and recreational assets, in order to work with developers and decision-makers to promote choices that protect the Bulkley Valley.
Much of the resulting information has been collected using MapChat.

Information Collection

Data on community assets has accumulated from several sources:

  • Round Lake pilot (2007)
  • MoE workshops on Cultural Values (2007-2008)
  • Workshops hosted by BV Stewardship Coalition and the Promoting Sustainable Communities through Participatory Spatial Decision Support research project (October 2008)
  • BV Stewardship Coalition neighborhood workshops in Tatlow, Call Lake, Driftwood (2009)
  • Independent, web-based MapChat input by residents who have been trained and given a password at the workshops. (2009+)
  • Two Telkwa workshops in 2011 in cooperation with Telkwa Official Community Plan
  • Future workshops (contact Jay Gilden or leave a comment below)

>>> Link to BV Stewardship Coalition’s MapChat2 discussions <<<


There is interest in eventually having all collected information viewable on an interactive, web-based version of MapChat. In the meantime, here are links to downloadable PDF files for maps and tables of submitted comments. Note that these map images have been reduced in size to minimize download times. Higher resolution maps are available from the webmaster at

New map from Telkwa OCP workshops

Telkwa OCP Map
Telkwa OCP Workshops (2010-2011) combined with overlap from 2009 Tyhee Lake workshop (2 pages of maps plus 2 pages of comments in a 1 MB PDF file)

Earlier Community Asset Maps

Quick Map
Round Lake – Quick area map and comments (PDF file 281 KB)

Call Lake Map
Call Lake map and comments (PDF file 429 KB)

Driftwood Workshop Map
Driftwood area map and comments from March 2009 workshop (PDF file 293 KB)

Tyhee Workshop Map
Tyhee Lake map and comments from May 30, 2009 workshop (PDF file 200 KB)

Place-Based Assets of the Central Bulkley Valley Map
Place-Based Assets of the Central Bulkley Valley Map (PDF file 5.5 MB)
Table of Comments for Central Bulkley Valley map (PDF file 70 KB)

Seymour Lake Map
Seymour Lake map and comments from Nov 21, 2009 Hudson Bay Mountain Road Workshop (PDF file 251 KB)

Glacier Gulch Map
Glacier Gulch map and comments from January 23, 2010 workshop (PDF file 656 KB)

Note that, consistent with current policy of BV Stewardship Coalition, the above maps do not show submitted comments on private land. Workshop participant names have also been removed.


Community asset mapping in the Bulkley Valley was piloted by the Round Lake Community Association with support from the Ministry of Environment. See Cultural and Recreation Values in the Round Lake Area.

The Ministry of Environment hosted a series of workshops to develop community-values maps, expanding on the Round Lake inventory, and complimenting MoE’s sensitive ecosystem mapping. See MoE Planning Maps for Smithers-Telkwa Rural Area.
These MoE workshops also explored the potential of using MapChat, a web-based mapping tool being developed and researched by GEOIDE’s Promoting Sustainable Communities through Participatory Spatial Decision Support.

The outcomes of the MoE workshops included the formation of the Bulkley Valley Stewardship Coalition and a Bulkley Valley MapChat Technical Support Group.

The Coalition and the Technical Support Group developed an excellent working relationship with the researchers who were involved in the Promoting Sustainable Communities project. GEOIDE funding for that project has ended but technical support continues from the University of Waterloo and University of Otago (New Zealand). Until recently, mapping data was hosted on the University of Waterloo server, then the University of Otago server. The community asset map data is now hosted on a local MapChat installation at on the BV Community Server. (More info on this VV page )

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