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Valley Vision | towards a comprehensive vision for the future of the Bulkley Valley

What is special about the Bulkley Valley?

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Seymour Lake - Babine Mountains by Henk Blouw
The Bulkley Valley in west central British Columbia is a special place.

Those who chose to live here, whether amenity migrants, long-time settlers or aboriginal peoples, would likely agree with that statement and would want the Valley to continue to be special into the future.

Those involved in planning need to understand the particular characteristics that make the Bulkley Valley special. Each planning agency has inventories and may conduct surveys at the start of a planning process. To improve on plan-specific inventories and surveys, Valley Vision is beginning to offer a compilation of information and links from multiple sources. With input from residents and planners, this list will grow to identify a wide array of information about the Valley’s special characteristics.

Telkwa Mountains over a Walcott farm

Summary Statement

Detailed information is essential for good planning but a broad generalization can also be useful to provide context for the plan. The following is a first attempt at a summary statement of special characteristics. The statement will evolve as Valley Vision accumulates reports, research and reader’s comments.

The Bulkley Valley is a unique and a desirable place to live due to the diversity of its natural setting and human settlements. The small towns, aboriginal villages, farms, rural subdivisions and isolated homesteads attest to the diversity of people who have chosen to live amongst the diversity of the Valley’s forests and meadows, rivers, lakes and mountains.

Recognized as Special

The Bulkley Land and Resource Management Plan recognizes the Bulkley Valley planning unit as a special place. The Valley has high wildlife, fisheries, and scenic values while at the same time having a high percentage of private land and agricultural leases. The Plan noted that managing biodiversity will require a high degree of cooperation between landowners and government agencies.

The Morice Land and Resource Managment Plan provides unique area-specific management direction for the Bulkley River Resource Management Zone.

Descriptive Information

There is a Bulkley Valley article in Wikipedia. Since wikipedia can be edited by anyone, this article offers an excellent opportunity to build a grass-roots description of the special characteristics of the Bulkley Valley.

Refer to the Maps and Data pages under the Quick Links column on the right to access various maps, statistics and inventories for the Valley.

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