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Bulkley Valley Stewardship Coalition > Planners > Valley Vision

Valley Vision | towards a comprehensive vision for the future of the Bulkley Valley

Bulkley Valley Stewardship Coalition

Who are they?

Local residents working together to encourage sustainable development that protects environmental, aesthetic, cultural and recreational values.

Why are they involved in planning?

So that ground-up knowledge will be used by top-down planning
During the course of past plan updates and open houses, a number of Bulkley Valley residents became concerned that the process did not provide for adequate public response to development proposals. As a result, these residents formed an informal network to track development plans and proposals in an effort to ensure protection of the environmental, aesthetic, cultural and recreational features of the Bulkley Valley. The Bulkley Valley Stewardship Coalition is now working to formalize this network to proactively respond to development proposals and to identify, protect and expand resources for recreational and other outdoor activities.

What do they consider?

Environmental, aesthetic, cultural and recreational values of Valley features

Where do they have interests?

Community values in the central Bulkley Valley
The Stewardship Coalition is currently focused on the area covered by the Bulkley Valley Rural Community Plan and the Crown Land directly adjacent to it. In the future, identification of trails and other outdoor activity resources in the area beyond this zone may be needed to identify access and linkage needs.

When are they involved in planning?

Proactively in the identification and documentation of features in the Valley that the community wishes to protect.

In response to land use decisions or development proposals, the Coalition notifies the relevant neighbourhood and/or user groups to ensure they have the opportunity to consider and provide input. If requested, the Coalition can facilitate further discussion with developer and agencies.

How are decisions made?

The BV Stewardship Coalition does not make land or planning decisions. Its role is to work with community groups and residents to help developers and approving agencies become aware of locally important features and issues.

Current Plans and Projects

Bulkley Valley Community Asset Mapping

The BV Stewardship Coalition is hosting a series of neighbourhood workshops to help people map locally important features and issues. The end product will be Bulkley Valley maps with public notations and discussion, which can be used by the community, developers and local governments to plan proactively and in detail.
Learn more about the initiative and view the results to date.

Mapping Tools

Cooperation with GEOIDE researchers from University of Northern BC, University of Waterloo, University of Otago (New Zealand) and others allowed the early adoption of MapChat, a web-based mapping tool. Despite the end of GEOIDE funding, the researchers continue to support the community mapping efforts of the BV Stewardship Coalition. The Bulkley Valley MapChat Technical Support Group is providing local support to the Stewardship Coalition and other groups interested in this exciting mapping tool. (See links below)


The BV Stewardship Coalition will work with:

  • developers and decision-makers to promote choices that protect the Bulkley Valley, and
  • groups to identify potential strategic greenways and other resources for linking recreational, traditional and commuter trails through the valley and between communities.



Other Information

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