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Integrated Land Management Bureau > Planners > Valley Vision

Valley Vision | towards a comprehensive vision for the future of the Bulkley Valley

Integrated Land Management Bureau

Who are they?

A government agency that co-ordinates access to Crown land and resources
The Integrated Land Management Bureau (ILMB) provides services that co-ordinate access to Crown land and its resources. Many of ILMB’s services are provided to, or on behalf of provincial natural resource and economy ministries. ILMB is accountable to the Minister of Agriculture and Lands but the bureau is a separate agency from the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands.

Services include:

  • Strategic land use planning
  • FrontCounter BC
  • Crown land tenures and sales
  • GeoBC: land and resource information
  • Species-at-risk coordination
  • Coordinate multi-agency consultation engagement agreements with First Nations

Why are they involved in planning?

Strategic land use planning manages Crown land and resources
ILMB is responsible for developing and maintaining strategic land use plans for the management of BC’s Crown land and natural resources. In the Bulkley Valley, these plans include land and resource management plans (LRMP), sustainable resource management plans (SRMP) [sometimes referred to as landscape unit plans], access management plans (AMP), recreational access plans (RAMP) and other special initiatives. ILMB now refers to most of these plans as Strategic Land and Resource Management Plans (SLRP).

According to ILMB’s website:

Government is shifting its efforts towards coordinated First Nations engagements, which will foster a more coordinated consultation and engagement framework to achieve reconciliation of First Nations interests and concerns. SLRP planning and/or the development of strategic land use agreements are expected to be one of the tools used to support these government to government engagements.
SLRPs are used by the public sector, private sector, First Nations and other resource managers when making strategic level decisions about land and resource management.

Crown Land Disposition
ILMB is also responsible for making decisions about the disposition of Crown land in the form of land tenures and land sales.

What do they consider?

Balanced economic, environmental, and social requirements throughout the province
According to ILMB’s website:

Strategic Land and Resource Plans provide increased certainty and form the foundation for balanced solutions that meet economic, environmental, and social requirements throughout the province. SLRPs are also viewed as one of the potential tools to strategically engage with First Nations.

Crown Land Disposition
Adjudication of Crown land applications follow higher level plans but may involve very local interpretations.

Where do they have jurisdiction?

Crown resources and land or private land in a TFL, WL or CFA
Strategic land use planning addresses Crown resources, Crown land or private land that is subject to a tree farm licence, woodlot licence or community forest agreement.

When are they involved in planning?

If and when revisions are needed
In the Bulkley Valley, strategic land use planning has been completed (see list below under Current Plans and Projects). These plans do not specify terms so there is not requirement to periodically replace or review them.

How are decisions made?

Strategic plans are aproved by government and then implemented through legal mechanisms.

Strategic plans that are approved by government (ideally after stakeholder consensus and First Nations agreement), can be implemented using various legal tools (all require Cabinet or Minister decisions):

  • Designation of Community Watersheds by Ministry of Environment (Forest and Range Practices Act)
  • Establishing objectives for managing forestry activities under the Government Actions Regulation by Ministry of Forests and Range (Forest and Range Practices Act)
  • Reserving specified Crown land from future disposition (Land Act)
  • Prohibition of specific uses of Crown land in a designated area (Land Act)
  • Establishment of geographic designations of Crown land and creation of land use objectives for these designations (Land Act)
  • Establishment of objectives for forest values such as biodiversity, wildlife, forage and water for the purpose of regulating forest practices under the Forest and Range Practices Act. (Section 93.4 of the Land Act and the Land Use Objectives Regulation)
  • Establishment of Crown land as a park or conservancy (Park Act)
  • Designation of Wildlife Management Areas (Wildlife Act)

Crown Land disposition process
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Current Plans and Projects

Completed plans over the Bulkley Valley:

Click here for a full list of approved SLRPs.

Crown Land Disposition
Applications and Reasons for Decision is an ILMB website that provides maps and status of applications to purchase of Crown Land. An advertised Notice of Intetion to Apply for a Disposition of Crown Land will have a file number that you can look up on this website.


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