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Dungate Community Forest (Houston) > Planners > Valley Vision

Valley Vision | towards a comprehensive vision for the future of the Bulkley Valley

Dungate Community Forest (Houston)

Who are they?

A Company formed to hold Houston’s community forest agreement
A five-year probationary community forest agreement was issued to the Dungate Community Forest Limited Partnership on February 1, 2008. (See February 8, 2008 news release from the Province of BC)
One of the partners is Houston Community Forest Inc., a company that is wholly owned by the District of Houston. The news release says that Canfor will provide harvesting and professional forest management services on a contract basis to the District.]

From District of Houston’s February 20, 2008 Newsletter:

Mayor and Council would like to announce the appointment of the founding Directors to the Houston Community Forest Inc.: Arnold Amonson, Bill Bristow, Harold Ludditt, Russell Tiljoe and Jerry Veillette

Why are they involved in planning?

Forestry agreement holder has planning obligations
The probationary community forest agreement is a legal tenure under the Forest Act that grants the right to an annual harvest of 20,000 cubic metres of timber on 14,210 hectares of public forest lands in the Morice timber supply area.

Before any timber harvesting can occur, the community forest agreement requires an approved management plan and the Forest and Range Practices Act requires an approved forest stewardship plan that indicates forest development units. Cutting permit(s) can then authorize harvesting of specific areas within the approved forest development units.

Probationary Community Forest Agreement Management Plan – Dec 18, 2007
Status of managment plan: [information needed]
Status of forest stewardship plan: [information needed]

What do they consider?

Timber and other forest resources
From the February 8, 2008 government news release:

Probationary community forest agreements are a form of legal tenure that enable communities to more fully participate in the stewardship of local Crown forest resources. They are area-based, and give communities exclusive rights to harvest timber, as well as the opportunity to manage forest resources such as timber and botanical forest products, recreation, wildlife, water and scenic viewscapes.

Community forests are intended to stimulate long-term employment, forest-related education and skills training, as well as other social, environmental and economic benefits, while meeting environmental stewardship standards.

Where do they have jurisdiction?

Crown land within the community forest agreement area.
The management plan and forest stewardship plan only regulate the actions of the agreement holder. Public use of the land normally continues as before.

When are they involved in planning?

Plans are revised as needed or replaced prior to expiry

How are decisions made?

Government reviews and approves submitted plans
The agreement holder is required to make the plans available for public review and comment and to share information with First Nations.
The district manager of the Nadina Forest District is the delegated decision maker for these plans. The district manager will ensure First Nations have been adequately consulted and that the legal planning requirements have been met.

Current Projects

The community forest will need to prepare and seek approval for a management plan and then a forest stewardship plan prior to any timber harvesting.


After an initial term of five years, the probationary community forest agreement may be extended for an additional term of up to five years or replaced with a long-term agreement of not less than 25 years.


Other Iinformation

In a pre-application discussion paper titled A Community Forest for Houston, the District of Houston proposed an arm’s-length municipal corporation to manage the forest.

This corporation would consist of a board of community representatives that would establish operational policy and guidance for the community forest operations. This policy would be formed based upon the input received from public consultation. Income from the community forest would go first toward the basic community forest operations, and if any additional surplus were available, the funds would go towards community projects that benefit a wide range of interests.

The discussion paper also described a number of potential objectives and opportunities.

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