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Smithers Mountain Bike Association > Planners > Valley Vision

Valley Vision | towards a comprehensive vision for the future of the Bulkley Valley

Smithers Mountain Bike Association

Who are they?

The Smithers Mountain Bike Association (SMBA) was formed in 2009 to serve the interests and needs of the mountain bike community in Smithers.
About SMBA on their website

Why are they involved in planning?

SMBA is very active in the planning and development of trails in the Bulkley Valley. Two of the SMBA’s stated purposes are relevant to land use planning:

  • Participate in the planning process for and the management of recreational lands as it relates to mountain bike access and use
  • Organize volunteers to aid in restoration, development, and maintenance of legitimate mountain bike trail systems

During 2009 and 2010, SMBA received government stimulus funding which enabled significant new trail work.

What do they consider?

SMBA works with government agencies and other land users to secure access to mountain biking trails in the Bulkley Valley.
Trail work is conducted within the standards of Recreation Sites and Trails BC Mountain Bike Policy

Where do they have jurisdiction?

SMBA does not own land or have jurisdiction regarding land use. However, they are a recognized planner and developer of new trails and are working with government agencies to get new and existing trails designated under section 56 of the Forest and Range Practices Act.
SMBA has a long-term agreement with Recreation Sites and Trails BC for the stewardship and maintenance of certain trails including the Bluff Recreation Site.

When are they involved in planning?

When they propose the construction of new trails or the designation of existing trails.

How are decisions made?

SMBA does not have decision-making powers regarding land use. The District Recreation Officer of Recreation Sites and Trails BC Branch is responsible for designation of recreation sites and trails and authorization to construct sites and trails.
Proposals for new trails are usually referred to stakeholders and relevant government agencies. If trails are proposed within an existing recreation site, referrals will be limited to directly involved stakeholders.

Current Plans and Projects

From SMBA’s website, their trail-related priorities for 2010 include:

  • Legitimizing existing and planned trail networks in the Bluff and Piper Trail areas, and new trail development in the Seymour area
  • Finalizing plans and initiating work for a cross-country trail network in the Seymour area
  • Publishing a trail brochure.


Challenges and Other Information

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