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Revised Road Application above Seymour Ridge

A July 2008 application to construct an access road above Seymour Ridge continues to be under consideration by Integrated Land Management Bureau (ILMB). At some point, the application was revised to avoid sensitive ecological areas. In response to a resident’s request, ILMB provided a map of the revised road route.

Applicant: Petursson, Conan Olafur
File: #6405671

While there is not a new public review period for this application, it is possible for ILMB to consider public comments until a decision is made. The ILMB contact person for this file is Elizabeth Williamson

More info:

  • Status as of March 5th 2010: The ILMB site indicates: “OFFERED
    An offer has been made subject to any terms and conditions that need to be met before tenure is issued.”
    View the offer pdf here.

  1. Posted by Wayne Buholzer, 24 January 2010, 13:05

    As there is already good road access to this property from H.Bay Mt. road, there is no reasonable need for a second access. My second reason is that crown land with historic use by recreational hikers and bikers should not be compromised for a private road that is not needed by the applicant.

  2. Posted by An Interested Party, 31 January 2010, 17:55

    Something that the public may not be aware of is that the covenanted area, shown in green on the map, is proposed by the road applicant.This was to address public concern relating to endangered grassland. (Most of which is on private property.)Concerning the “already good access to this property”, it is impossible to build a road to the top, which is the only usable area, from the bottom of the property due to slope instability and grade.

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