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Valley Vision | towards a comprehensive vision for the future of the Bulkley Valley

Proposed Recreation Trail and Cabin Projects

The following recreation projects received funding from the Job Opportunities Program. The official referral period ended in August, 2009. The government contact for public comments was: Kevin Eskelin, District Recreation Officer, at, phone 250-847-6337, fax 250-847-6353.

Bulkley Valley Backpackers Association

The BV Backpackers want to develop and upgrade a 4 season, non-motorized recreation areas in the Hankin-Evelyn Mountain area. The intended uses are hiking, mountain biking, ski touring and snowmobiling.

BV Backpackers Hankin-Evelyn JOP proposal

Project Description
Build a connector trail from end of Evelyn Trail to the Hankin Lookout Trail. Repair the Hankin Lookout Cabin to ensure its continued usefulness. Construct a warming shelter on the northeast slope of Hankin Mountain. Upgrade access road to the foot of the northeast slope of Hankin Mountain to provide 4 season use of recreation area. Establish a parking area at the end of the road upgrade for Hankin Mountain access. Improve parking area located at the foot of the access to Evelyn Trail. Develop gladed areas on the northeast slope of Hankin Mountain, southwest slope of Hankin Mountain and the northeast slope of Evelyn Mountain for the proposes of back-country skiing. Develop a 26 km multi-use loop trail for hiking, biking, showshoeing, and ski touring from the base of the Northeast slope of Hankin Mountain to Hankin Lake and back. Develop signs for trails and information points. Establish outhouse(s).

Download the Referral/comment form (1 MB PDF): Backpackers_JOP_Proposal.pdf

Smithers Snowmobile Association

Smithers Snowmobile Association wants to maintain existing trails and cabins and construct new ones for non-commercial snowmobile use on Dome Mountain, Onion Mountain, Harold-Price and the Winfield Creek Microwave area.

Project Description
Three cabins on the Onion and Dome mountains will have various levels of renovations including the roofing and heating systems. One new cabin will be constructed on Microwave Mountain. Approximately 26 km of existing main access trails will be repaired and upgraded to allow proper winter grooming. Approximately 30 km of new groomable snowmobile trail will be constructed to provide new entry/family level trails and sager access into several of the common riding areas. One short 2km road will be constructed on Dome Mountain to provide summer access to the Associations cabin. The damaged sections of the Harold Price cabin-trail will undergo some manual site restoration using hand tools to fill ruts and prevent water pooling.

Download the referral/comment form (1.1 MB PDF):

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