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Blue Pearl Davidson Project

Blue Pearl Mining Inc. proposes to develop an underground molybdenum mine on the eastern flank of Hudson Bay Mountain.

Status (as of August 2010)

A July 15, 2010 news release from Thompson Creek Metals Company Inc. notes: The Project was in the advanced stages of permitting when development was halted in November 2008 due to economic uncertainty. The Davidson Project is currently being re-evaluated regarding various operating alternatives and related economic analysis.

According to the BC Environmental Assessment Office Project Information Centre, the environmental assessment process is “Active and Complete” and the status is “Under Review”.

Who is the proponent?

Blue Pearl Mining Ltd. was the previous proponent for the Davidson Project. In 2006, that company bought Thompson Creek Metals Company which owned the Endako mine. After a name change and the creation of a new subsidiary, the parent company became Thompson Creek Metals Company Inc. The subsidiary company responsible for the Davidson Project is now Blue Pearl Mining Inc.


  • From Thompson Creek Metals Annual Report for 2006: During 2006, Blue Pearl became the fifth-largest molybdenum producer in the world as a result of its purchase of privately owned Thompson Creek Metals Company. Blue Pearl Mining Ltd. changed its name to Thompson Creek Metals Company Inc. in May 2007.

What is being proposed?

Excerpts from the Executive Summary of Blue Pearl’s Application for Environmental Assessment Certificate (see links below):

Nine kilometres north of the town of Smithers, British Columbia, the Davidson Project (the Project) lies on the east flank of Hudson Bay Mountain. Blue Pearl Mining Inc. (Blue Pearl) proposes to develop the Davidson mineral deposit as an underground molybdenum mine producing an average of 2,000 metric tonnes of ore per day.

Blue Pearl Davidson Project

Blue Pearl will use conventional underground mining methods to extract the ore and transport it to surface. … The underground mine will make use of an existing adit at 1,066 metres elevation (called the 1066 Adit). This 1,850 metre-long adit will be enlarged to provide ventilation to the underground mine, and will also be used as an emergency exit.

Ore will be removed via a new adit to be built at approximately 700 metres elevation (called the 700 Adit). The 700 Adit will provide access for hauling ore out of the mine and for transporting underground workers and materials.

Ore will not be milled on-site. Instead, ore from the Davidson Mine will be stored temporarily in a loadout facility, and then hauled away in 40-tonne capacity highway haul trucks to be milled at the existing Endako Mine, approximately 200 kilometres southeast of Smithers.


According to the Environmental Assessment Office September 10, 2008 advertisement in the Interior News:

The proposed Project is subject to review under British Columbia’s Environmental Assessment Act and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.

The Proponent has made an application (the ‘Application’) to obtain an environmental assessment certificate which is required before any work can be undertaken on the Project. The Proponent has applied to have applications for provincial authorizations under the Water Act and the, Environmental anagement Act reviewed concurrently with the Application.

There is a 55-day public comment period during which the EAO will accept comments on the proposed Project. …The comment period will begin on September 18, 2008 and end at midnight on November 12, 2008.


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