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Valley Vision | towards a comprehensive vision for the future of the Bulkley Valley

Interface Planning Casebook

This Casebook was created to support Planning for the Crown-Settlement Interface Lands, held in Smithers BC during June 16-18, 2010. (Interface Website). The Crown-Settlement Interface is the belt or zone of land on either side of the line of contact between Crown lands on one side and farms or residential subdivisions on the other. A principal purpose of the conference and workshops was to identify and discuss concrete cases within the Interface. Another benefit of the Casebook is that it renders the abstractions of Interface planning discussion available to laypersons in concrete form.

By hosting the Casebook for the Interface conference, Valley Vision makes this valuable information and set of examples available to the Bulkley Valley community. In the Bulkley Valley, the Crown-settlement Interface is the location of significant community assets and presents important planning challenges.

Cases of Problems and Opportunities in Interface Planning

Planning Principles

Case file contributors are asked to identify the planning principles they take to be at stake in the case. View a list of generally accepted planning principles.

How to Contribute a Case

The first 11 case files were contributed by presenters and participants of the June 2010 Planning for the Crown-Settlement Interface Lands conference and workshops. The casebook is now open for contributions from anyone.

If you are aware of an example of a problem with current interface planning, or of an opportunity to improve some aspect of interface planning, please send an email to outlining:

  • the features of the case;
  • the opportunity for better planning, if you see the case as presenting such an opportunity, or the problem;
  • what you take to be potential solutions to the problem you have identified;
  • what planning principles you consider to be at stake in the case;
  • your name (each case description posted on the Interface Planning Casebook facility will bear the name of the person who contributed it).

Contributions can be written into the email or attached as a Word document. A small picture or PDF file may be included. Case files should normally be 300 words or less in length. Content should be civil and directed towards process or principles rather than persons. Submissions may be edited for grammar and form or authors may be asked to resubmit with revisions.

By contributing material to the Interface Planning Casebook, you are confirming that you wrote it yourself, or copied it from the public domain with appropriate credits. You also agree to allow your contribution to be made available for public viewing on the internet and possible inclusion within one or more publications by the organizers of the June 2010 conference: Planning for the Crown-Settlement Interface Lands.

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