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Valley Vision | towards a comprehensive vision for the future of the Bulkley Valley

Valley Vision Support Group

With the basic operation of Valley Vision handled by BV Research Centre and supported by Contributing Sponsors and Donors, the volunteers are freed up to do the fun stuff: new content and website enhancements.

Anyone can contribute to Valley Vision by using the comment feature on every page. But if you would like to get more involved and help with the evolution of Valley Vision, consider joining the Valley Vision Support Group.

The find out more or to jump right in, leave a comment on this page. Feel free to start a discussion with other volunteers.

Some possible volunteer-led projects:

  • Participatory GIS
    It is technically possible for Valley Vision to install and host MapChat or another participatory GIS tool. MapChat was used for a series of workshops that mapped cultural and environmental values, (hosted by Ministry of Environment in January-February 2008). MapChat is alpha-version collection of public software that allows users to mark and comment on a digital map within an internet browser. Contacts have been made for obtaining software and the maps overlays but Valley Vision would need the volunteer support of keen users plus someone with GIS skills to launch the tool. Paid maintenatnce could be possible but would be subject to new funding.
  • More and better photos
    Photos are needed that illustrate the full range of work and play, the different valley landscapes and alternate planning results. The home page photo collage looks nice but we need to include photos showing people working on the land.
  • Compiled History of the Bulkley Valley
    Valley Vision page on Bulkley Valley History (in the Quick Links, under Learn) currently has links to a number of other sites. Good information that should remain but it would be great if someone could compile a history of the whole Bulkley Valley. It could be used on the Bulkley Valley History page and also on the “How did the Valley get to be the way it is?” page under Planning Our Future.
  • Smithers OCP Reporter(s)
    The Smithers Official Community Plan is entering a planning process. Collecting information and encouraging viewpoints could be a rewarding project for a volunteer.

How would you like to volunteer?

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